We are a full-service, award-winning interior design firm 

that specializes in creating stylish, well-executed rooms for all areas of the home with experties in kitchen and bathroom projects. Our designs offer a contemporary flair with a nod to the natural beauty of the West Coast. We are innovative, forward thinking, and passionate about all things design. Our complementary talents and diverse skill sets seamlessly transform residences into creative, sustainable, and strategically engineered spaces.

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Jamie Banfield and his team work on projects of all sizes, from complete design services for multi-million dollar homes to selecting the perfect paint colour for a client’s master bathroom. The JBD team not only listens to the client but also understands the effects of each design detail, the importance of the attention to detail and the construction choice for a client’s space. The team brings both experience and innovation as an interior designer to each and every  project take in to mind the needs and wants of a client's space while having a grasp on budget and timeframe.


Kitchens are the hub of any size family, Jamie and his team will transform any old kitchen in to a vibrant, innovative and functional space. With an understanding of  “a kitchen is not only a kitchen” the JBD team can forecast how a new kitchen will impact ones life style and the adjacent spaces. Jamie, earning his recognition as a creative new force in design in the kitchen & bath industry. His main focus is total project design and management, and can offer the service of a one stop shop by taking his clients from initial discussions over a new kitchen space, to final installation of the last handle!


A Bathroom is where one starts and ends each day, Jamie knows the importance of starting your day of in the perfect space! Jamie and his team will take the exhausting task of dreaming and building the perfect bath to a friendly and enduring experience with his natural talent of “total project design and management”. Bathroom spaces are the most costly square foot space in one's home to renovate. Function and durability is a must have in any bath space wether it is ones master bathroom, or the over crowded main bathroom for four.

Jamie and his team work on projects of all sizes, from complete design services for multi-million dollar homes to selecting the perfect colour for a bathroom.

 Whether residential design or selected commercial projects Jamie always manages to delight his customers with his fresh enduring designs, creative solutions, and his desire for sustainable sourcing. Jamie challenges his team to source the perfect solutions in all aspects  of the design, specification, execution and management of each project. His team not only listens to the client but also understands the effects of each design, the importance of the attention to detail and the construction choice for a client’s space.

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

We believe that having a strong plan and process in place is important to the success of every project.


 Our philosophy is rooted in communication and collaboration. From our meet + Inspire sessions, to concept planning, and execution – we work closely with our clients to create spaces that are a true reflection of who they are.  Our trusted alliances with builders, contractors, trades, and suppliers ensure each project is seamless from beginning to end. Then working on any project, a plan is the most import part of the process. By having a plan + doing our homework we help clients everyday save time, funds + skip those headaches! Our implement budget schematics, timelines + desired completion dates in the early phases of concept, by doing so we create a well formed foundation of the projects working grounds. We work with our clients + other members to form a detailed design-build package, this package encompasses every product, fixture, fitting, finishing material, detail, schedule, budget + task needed to bring the dreamed space to life! This package ensures all parties involved are all on the same page. Once we have completed the design-build package we implement the scheduling of tasks, and ordering of all noted construction, finishing, fixture and fitting products. Our team personally over sees all aspects of the installation process, + educate the client through out the process.


Where do you start?

All our design relationships begin with a meet and inspire  a one and a half hour session, where we develop a rapport with our clients, gain an understanding of their needs and expectations, and get a feel for the space. These sessions provide us with the inspiration to develop a plan and a detailed design-build package - all of the elements required to bring our designs from concept to reality and our clients’ vision to life.

What is important? 

At JBD We develop a cohesive design concept based on each client’s vision and inspiration. Our team brings both experience and innovation to each and every project.  Being attentive to each client’s visions is of the utmost importance to our team so our designs are executed effectively while being mindful of both health and safety.  We follow a well-developed process to execute our designs from concept to reality.

Do you have a plan? 

After developing an agreed upon concept and package, we document this plan in the form of a project bible - Each client, designer and onsite trade will have this at arms reach to insure everyone is on the same page. We follow a well thought out and proven design process made up of 16 steps to insure we stay on track and focused to keep on time and on budget!

Want to stay on budget and on time? 

Our attention to detail and design experience helps us create an all-inclusive plan that is implemented and adhered to without fail. We have trusted alliances with builders, contractors, suppliers and trades in your area. We pay special attention to quality and project completion within each client’s budget and time frame. With time and money on the line, we always have a contingency plan should an emergency arise. Bottom line: the results are 100% client satisfaction!